Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Quick response

Susan Duclos (reviewing a sampling of outrage over the Holder DOJ invoking Bush's "state secrets" legal strategy): 
NEWSFLASH for the far left.... you got what you asked for, you believed all the change hype and you were told it was all crap, so quit acting all offended and surprised.
Obamas [sic] most ardent supporters, three weeks into his presidency, are now turning on him like he is the enemy.....
now THAT is change I can believe in!!!!!!!!!!!! [emphasis in original]
In order to say "You got what you asked for" to Americans who voted for Obama, aren't you implying that we should have voted for McCain instead? 

Does anyone doubt that a McCain administration would have continued to hide the U.S. torture regime and protect the torturers? 

The left, unlike most of the right, has no fear in taking government officials to task no matter what their party. When the president does something wrong, he needs to be called on it; and a universal denial of the use of torture is something all Americans should work for.

Finally, I'll point out that Ms. Duclos includes Andrew Sullivan in a group she calls "far far left liberal bloggers". Aside from his vocal opposition to torture and equally vocal support of gay marriage, Mr. Sullivan is about as far to the right as anyone should be. The opposition of torture and the persecution of its perpetrators is a noble effort and should be the goal of all Americans.
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