Sunday, February 8, 2009

Another POV

AJ Strata saw the same Telegraph article I did, but has a completely different take on it.   He(?) also knows who to blame:

This news leak/article deserves a good fisking to illustrate how Obama may be leading this year's Darwin Awards, for the act of taking a whole nation to the brink of extinction...

We are now all being let in on  Obama's intelligence briefings - how wonderful...

And whoever is yapping across The Pond has exposed the fact that 40% of the CIA's assets are now in the UK, leaving many other areas less covered, if covered at all.  This kind of information is strategic gold (if true).

It seems like the right-wing is just thrilled that they lost the 2008 elections, because now everything wrong with our country is squarely and only the fault of the Democrats, personified by President Obama.  Armchair spooks like AJ Strata probably know much more about the state of national intelligence than I do, but I note that back in 2002, people who questioned the Commander-in-Chief were called traitors.  People who do that now are patriotic Americans, of course, because IOKIYAR.  And shut up.

Back to AJ Strata:
One thing no one would argue is that President George W Bush kept this country safe.

Indeed, no one should argue that; it's clear that he didn't.  "Ok, now you've covered your ass."

And his team did so by quietly - well outside the limelight - chasing down our enemies and disrupting their plans. He did this quietly so we had a chance of catching them, never letting on we had them in our sites, never bragging about how we got them so they could learn to evade out security nets.

Sure, we never heard anything about the LA Library Tower, the blow-torching of the Brooklyn Bridge, or the al-Qaeda cell in Florida.  

I'm not partisan for the sake of partisanship, I support President Obama because his policies are much closer to mine than those of the neo-cons; but there's no sense in being "bipartisan" when people are just plain wrong, or if by "bipartisan" they mean "capitulation".

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