Saturday, February 7, 2009

Problems to fix

I've been busy reading blogs for a couple of years now. Recently I've realized that the comments I have been leaving on other peoples' blogs are far too long, and if I really have that much to say, I should do it on my own space, not theirs, and give links to the stuff I'm reading - whether I agree with it or not.

Here are the problems with the U.S.A. that get me fired up (in rough order of descending crisis at the moment):

Ending the U.S. torture regime (h/t Cernig)
Finding a winning strategy against violent extremism (h/t Abu Muqawama)
Restoring sensible economic policy (h/t White House)
Restoring the Rule of Law (h/t Greenwald)
Supporting union activity and organization (h/t Working Life)
Equality for all
Reducing the waste in the military/industrial complex

That's by no means a comprehensive list, but it's a good enough start for now.

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