Friday, January 15, 2010


The stories of real heroes are starting to come out of Haiti. The kind of people who, if you met them, you would shake their hand and say "Thank you." The kind of people who inspire us all to do our best.

Writing with tears in my eyes for this horrible tragedy. And, just like after 9/11, the hero stories lift my heart. Time after time, in our darkest hour, human beings rise to the need and perform acts of valor and courage that must be remembered. Here are some links for you to peruse (the first one is the best). Please leave others in comments.

“There’s no more life here,” said a grandmother Thursday, who nonetheless rapped a broom against concrete in hopes that her four missing relatives believed to be buried inside might somehow respond.

The Southern Baptist Relief Team, once the immediate crisis is over, is prepared to go for a year to help rebuild.

Google is doing what they do best, to provide real help for Haiti now.

On Thursday, [Catholic Relief Services] officials in Baltimore monitored the progress of an initial team of three senior staff members as they boarded a chartered bus in Santo Domingo, climbed the mountains to the border with Haiti, and arrived in the capital with food, water, hygiene kits, mosquito nets and bedding."

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